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Cancellation Policy

Terms and Conditions(Reservation)

  1. Discount is limited hence must choose Book Early and Save/Advance Purchase rate.
  2. Book Early and Save/Advance Purchase discounts is limited and subject to availability. .
  3. Discount offered reflects range of discounts off Best Flexible Rate available at Harivaram YUGA.
  4. These discounted rates are checked on a regular basis to confirm accuracy.
  5. Rooms are limited and subject to prior sale. .
  6. Book Early and Save/Advanced Purchase is not available with room rates negotiated for groups, travel industry or employee or any other plan already applied discount. .
  7. All Book Early and Save/Advanced Purchase reservations are final and require full prepayment for the entire stay at time of booking. .
  8. Payment is non-refundable. No refunds if cancelled or changed. .
  9. Once a reservation is confirmed, your bank will be charged between time of booking and time of stay for the total amount shown, regardless of whether or not the reservation is used. .
  10. You will be required to acknowledge that you have read the above prepayment and below cancellation policy when making your reservation. .
  11. Program terms and hotels rules are subject to change without notice. .

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy varies and is subject to the rate type booked.

  1. Our rack rate booking can be cancelled up until 12 noon on two days prior to check in date with no charge.
  2. Pre-paid discounts or advance saver rates are fully pre-payable at time of booking and once booked are non-refundable.
  3. Change the date is allowable on notice of 72 hours prior to check in time; strictly subject to availability
  4. The relevant notice date is the date on which a cancellation reaches the Hotel.
  5. All cancellation communications must be in writing via email to reservation@harivaramyuga.com

Cancellation by the customer

Written consent from the Hotel is required if the Customer wishes to withdraw from, cancel, or change the dates in the contract agreed with the Hotel. If the Hotel and Customer have agreed, in writing, to a date by which the contract may be cancelled free of charge, then the Customer may withdraw from the contract up until that date without incurring any payment or compensation charges against the Hotel. The Customer’s right to withdraw from the contract expires if they do not exercise this right in writing to the Hotel by the agreed date.

The deadlines applicable in the event of withdrawal or cancellation are defined separately in the contract. Where a price per-head (room hire & catering) has been agreed, lost revenue will be calculated based on the number of attendees and the price per-head. In all other cases, lost revenue will be calculated based on the cost of room hire and the cost of catering. In the event of a cancellation between 8 and 4 weeks before the start of the event, the Customer will be invoiced for the agreed cost of room hire plus 35% of the catering costs; for any cancellation made later, this will increase to 75% of catering costs. If a set menu price has not yet been agreed, the cost of the cheapest currently valid 3-course set menu will be applied. The Customer reserves the right to demonstrate that the charges invoiced did not arise or did not arise to the amount claimed.

Changes to the number of participants, rooms or to the time of the event

In the contract, the Hotel and the Customer agree the planned number of participants (“agreed number of participants”) and/or the planned number of hotel rooms required (“agreed number of rooms”). The Customer will provide the Hotel with the definitive number of participants (“definitive number of participants”) and/or the definitive number of hotel rooms required (“definitive number of rooms”) no later than seven working days prior to the event. If the Customer does not notify the Hotel of the definitive numbers by the agreed deadline, the agreed number of participants and/or rooms shall be taken as the definitive number. In the event that the actual number of participants and/or rooms is higher, the Customer will be invoiced based on actual numbers. In the event that the number of participants deviates by more than 10 %, the Hotel reserves the right to redefine the agreed prices and to exchange the confirmed rooms, if this is acceptable to the Customer. If the agreed start and end times of the event are changed and if the Hotel agrees to these changes, then the Hotel may charge adequate fees for any additional availability of services, unless the changes are the fault of the Hotel. This applies in particular to booked packages where the event is moved to a new date and where the Hotel cannot commit to providing services on that date due to capacity issues caused by other bookings. In this case, the cancellation policy applies. If the agreed number of rooms is reduced to fewer than 10 rooms per night, the special group rate will cease to be valid and the currently applicable daily rates will apply. No shows (when a room is reserved and then not used but neither is it cancelled) on the day of arrival will be invoiced to the customer at 100% of the agreed price. The costs payable in the event of a reduction in the number of participants or the number of rooms are defined separately in the contract. The Hotel will try to resell meeting rooms and/or hotel rooms that are reserved but unused. Should this not be possible, the contractually agreed cancellation policy will apply.

Cancellation by the Hotel

The Hotel is obliged to provide the bedrooms and conference rooms listed in the reservation. However, in special circumstances, the Hotel reserves the right to cancel reservations of bedrooms and conference rooms. If it has been agreed in writing that the Customer may withdraw from the contract within a specified period of time, then the Hotel is equally entitled to withdraw from the contract within this time period if other customers wish to use the contractually reserved rooms and the Customer will not relinquish their right of withdrawal from the contract. If an advance payment or deposit that has been agreed in writing is not made even after the Hotel has offered a suitable time extension, the hotel is likewise entitled to withdraw from the contract..

Moreover, the hotel is entitled to withdraw from the contract for objectively justifiable reasons, e.g.:

  1. if it is impossible to fulfil the contract due to force majeure or other circumstances beyond the control of the Hotel;
  2. if events and/or services are booked under false pretenses or on the basis of erroneous or fraudulent information (e.g. about the organiser or purpose of the event);
  3. The Hotel has justified cause believe that the event and/or services may jeopardise the smooth functioning of the business or the security or public reputation of the Hotel, without such matters being attributable to the Hotel’s organisation.

In the event of justifiable cancellation by the Hotel, the Customer shall have no right to damages. Notwithstanding the previous paragraphs, the Customer is obliged to inform the Hotel without being asked when the content or nature of the event and/or services are liable to arouse public interest or impair or jeopardise the Hotel’s affairs.


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